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Monday Issue #64

The rest of this will come next week; there's been a lot of lengthy, undoubtedly awesome fic posted over the last couple of days, but I haven't had the time to read it yet, sadly. So I only have four recs right now, I apologise.

Fools Whether We Dance Or Not by speshope (Cash/Singer, R)
Aretha Franklin is in the middle of spelling out respect when Alex tugs the earbud out of Cash's ear and Cash looks over with raised eyebrows. Alex was the one that insisted they listen to the song in the first place, so the least he could do was let the woman finish. "So hey, you know the prom?"

just this once, be my saviour by insunshine & sinuous_curve (Ryan/OFC, Brendon/Ryan, NC-17; kidfic)
Two weeks later, Callie catches Ryan's arm as he walks out the door and presses a dry, apologetic kiss to his cheek.

Fredericksburg by tense_past (Jon/Spencer, PG; West Wing crossover)
It's raining in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and Spencer Smith is looking for an umbrella.

Rest Now In The Gentle Sway by jukeboxghost (Brendon & Spencer gen, unrated)
Brendon tilts, rolls his head to the side so his temple presses against the doorframe. He works his jaw, looking like he wants to say something but not coming out with it. Spencer watches the tendon in his neck, the way it stands out strikingly against insomnia-pale skin when Brendon’s jaw clenches tight again, and thinks, you look like you need some sun. No chance of that today, it’s raining.
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