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question marks are out of fashion

This issue is painfully short, unfortunately. I waited an extra day for late fics yesterday but to no avail! So here's three really fab fics from the past week! :)

Brendon and the Purple Crayon by clarityhiding (Panic gen)
"You keep whining about how you're bored, so we're going to do something to fix that," Ryan explained. He flipped open the book, grabbed a pen, and began to draw.

Random Rescue by megyal (Andy/Matt Nixon, R)
"Get out of my way!" Matt bellowed, racing down the beach with much huffing and pumping arms. Small children flung themselves out of his way with the alacrity of soldiers, yelling and laughing even though he nearly trampled half of them. "Move! Move! Granny, move! This is a Random Rescue!"

It's not like you can forget the words by megyal (Pete/Patrick, PG)
Patrick manages to peel open his eyelids, squinting at the pain throbbing at the back of his skull and the brilliant sunlight streaming into his eyes. There's this... this skinny dude sitting beside him, staring at him intently, all big brown eyes and a lot of dark hair and a really, really worried expression.

To make this issue a little longer, here's some bandom-related art that we quite enjoyed this month (by any means, not all, just a small selection)!

Gerard and Frank by theopteryx

Bandboy sketches by _kiden

Steampunk-themed art by _audrey

thegaystarfish-fanart by reflectedeve

Mini!Panic by clayeer

"Prom King Cobras" by clayeer

"Bandom Royale" by clayeer

office!AU Frank by theopteryx

Frank by theopteryx

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