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Monday Issue #62

Issue number 62, coming right up. Panic-heavy and a little late, but then, what's new?

Panic! at the Disco

21 by cloviswest (GSF, NC-17)
"Attention" was the number one thing on Brendon's list of stuff he wanted for his birthday.

Let Us Be Three by fiddleyoumust (Ryan/Brendon/Spencer, NC-17)
Brendon knows exactly how big of a loser he really is.

An Inch From the Ground by jukeboxghost (Brendon/Spencer, NC-17)
'Later, later, soon’ becomes a whole lot later and not so much soon.

the last things you always find to say are charming by ericaplease (Brendon/Ryan, PG-13)
Brendon wakes up to the sound of someone pounding on his front door.

The Meaning of My Life Is... by fiddleyoumust (Brendon/Spencer, NC-17)
Brendon wants a baby. It's not something he thinks about or plans. He just wakes up one morning and drinks the last of Spencer's pot of coffee. He takes Dylan for a walk. He takes a shower and smokes a cigarette. He sits down next to Spencer and pulls the newspaper out of his hands. It won't fold right, and eventually Brendon gets frustrated with it, placing it in a messy pile on the coffee table.

"I want a baby," Brendon says.

Personal Affairs by zarah5 (Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan, R)
When Spencer comes into his office at a quarter past eight, Ryan is already sitting at Spencer’s desk, hands laced behind his head, feet on a pile of documents that are luckily encased in plastic films. Spencer nudges Ryan’s feet off his desk, crosses his arms and leans against the edge.

If You Have a Cloudy Mind by savingcolours (Jon/Brendon, R)
“You’re supposed to be happy now,” Spencer says.

And Then They Came On Brendon's Face, The End by disarm_d and sociofemme (GSF, NC-17)
He doesn't know how to tell them that he doesn't want to be one of the men, standing and jeering -- he wants to take the place of the girl, quietly kneeling, eyes closed and face upraised.

The Boys Were Sweet and Musical by insunshine (Jon/Brendon, PG)
The thing about Jon is that he doesn't get crushes. Crushes are retarded; his nieces get crushes - fifth grade girls get crushes. Jon? Jon doesn't get crushes. Jon is a rock star.

Fall Out Boy

Only to Sink Beneath the Surface by soundslikej (Pete/Patrick/Ashlee, PG-13)
"You hate fun, don't you?" Ashlee asked, leaning her head against her arms at the side of the pool. "That's really what this is. You are a hater of fun, in all forms."

My Chemical Romance

Burn Bright Like A Star by iamsupernova, nokomis305 and perspexsea (Frank/Gerard/Lyn-Z, NC-17)
When Lyn-Z tells him that she’s filling in on bass for Leathermouth for a little while, Gerard just nods distractedly and says he'll go to all her shows. He’s been working on sketches for his comic and the deadline is looming, so he doesn't give the situation the attention it deserves until Lyn-Z comes home from the first practice with a giant bruise blossoming on her arm and a grin on her face.

Editor's Pick

Swimming Out In The Blue by sunsetmog (Brendon/Shane, R)
When they get to the restaurant Ryan's booked out for his birthday, they're at a table with lots of other couples; Brendon grins at Shane and says, "I think I'm the only single person Ryan knows."

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