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Finally! Sorry for the lateness! Enjoy! :)

Panic! at the Disco

Twist Wrong by cmonkatiekatie (Ryan/Jon, PG13)
The porch light has gone out and it's dark, really dark. There’s low light filtering out from the kitchen but it’s not enough. Jon’s got basically three options of places he can look, the lighter in his hands, or Ryan. Jon realizes that’s only two but he swears there was a third. Maybe it was in the window, but that’s like a sink and a fridge and involves craning his neck awkwardly, so Ryan or his own hands, that’s it.

His Executive Sweetheart by sunsetmog (Ryan/Spencer, NC-17)
The epiphany hit on Valentines Day. The irony wasn't lost on Ryan.

It was a little after eight in the morning and Ryan Ross was supposed to be taking notes. They were high up in the executive tower of the Pas de Cheval Resort and Casino, overlooking the Las Vegas strip and – other than the date – everything was much the same as it always was.

The Best-Laid Plans by stephanometra (Ryan/Jon, NC17)
"I told you, dude," Jon repeats. "Anything you want to do is good."

Get Your Jock Off My Radio by ficsoreal (Brendon/Spencer, NC-17)
Ryan reaches over and hits the ringing bell sound effect. "You, sir, are the winner! If you can just hang on a bit while the operator collects your personal information. You have just won a date with Dr. Spencer James Smith V." He puts Brendon on hold. "Sorry, guys and gals. Brendon has won our dear prize. Better luck next time." He puts on a music tract.

Spencer's shaking his head incredulously. "I don't even know you."

Ryan grins at him. "You love me and you're going to love me more after you finish boning Brendon, your biggest fan."

The Cab

My Own Pattern by miserylovedme & riflethrough (Johnson/Marshall, NC-17)
It’s cold enough as it is without Johnson’s feet on his legs. Marshall’s eyes slit open to look at the clock. Four in the morning and he’s really not going to get out of bed to dig through Johnson’s bag for socks.

“Johnson,” he hisses, because trying to shake him off does nothing but bring Johnson closer to him and those frozen toes pushed further into his calves. “Johnson, get your fucking feet off me.”


thnks fr th mmrs by rain_dances (Brendon/Spencer, Gabe/Greta, PG-13)
It's happening again. There's only a few weeks of school left. Teachers have pretty much given up on teaching anything, so going to school is basically just an excuse to hang out - which, for some, admittedly, had always been the case - and the seniors have already applied and been accepted to college, or have careers in mind, and really, it's probably the most useless seven hours anyone could spend in one big, multi-roomed building. Summer is in the air.

Pink for a Reason by clarityhiding & belle_bing (Bob/Brendon, Spencer/Haley, others, PG-13)
When Brendon learns about The Cab touring with The Best Thing Since, he is psyched beyond belief. This is partly because Keltie and Haley found The Cab while visiting Ryan Ross and Spencer Smith in Vegas, so Brendon likes to think of them as sort of like TBTS's protégés.

of angels and kings by hapakitsune (Patrick/Pete, Brendon/Spencer, Jon/Ryan, others, PG-13)
Alicia and Gerard moved to Paris together a year after the end of the war. Some thought it was odd that Gerard would take his brother's widow with him and many thought it scandalous, but Alicia had stopped caring what people thought of her the moment she opened the letter reading, "Dear Mrs. Way, we regret to inform you that your husband, Michael James Way, is missing in action," and Gerard hadn't cared about anything since he'd watched his little brother be blown to pieces by German machine guns.

Pictures in Exhibition by sinuous_curve & insunshine (Jon/Spencer, Pete/Patrick, PG-13)
Jon's cell rings at two in the morning.

He's in Prague, in a room on the twelfth floor of a high end hotel, sprawled and passed out on top of the comforter. There's a pair of sapphires worth somewhere in the neighborhood of two and half million dollars in his briefcase next to the desk and, funnily enough, a news story about himself playing softly on the TV in Czech.

Any other word by airgiodslv (Gabe/William, PG-13)
Living with an actor is sometimes weird. Gabe never knows when William will be there, from day to day, and sometimes he eats, sometimes he doesn’t, and sometimes Gabe’s leftovers vanish mysteriously in the two minutes he was using the bathroom without a single other sign that William was ever there. He talks to himself and spends a lot of time looking in the mirror, and occasionally – usually on audition days – there are strange exercises involving a lot of humming sounds and bendy yoga shit.

Editor's Pick

given limits exist by softlyforgotten (Brendon/Ryan, NC-17, circus AU)
“We don’t seem to be too boring for the audiences,” Ryan huffs, and elbows Brendon out of the way (he drops, hanging with his hands curled around the swing) so that Ryan can do a handstand, blinking down at Brendon, screwing up one eye when he accidentally blinks sweat into it. Brendon rolls his eyes.
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