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Monday Issue #60

And here we are, at issue #60.

Panic! at the Disco

Just A Memory or (of) Two by formerlydf (Brendon/Spencer, PG)
He knows why that voice is so familiar now, because he recognizes that face, and if there's a picture where any of the guys in this damn band aren't facing the camera, he's pretty sure he's going to recognize that ass twice as quickly.

Full Circle by zarah5 (Brendon/Ryan, R)
They return to the hotel exhilarated, high on the adrenaline of a really good show. It’s nearly midnight and the sun is only now giving in to the night, throwing a golden glow over the sea just outside the hotel. Norway, they all have learned within just a day, has hardly any places where you can’t see water – the sea, a river, a lake – or at least hear the soft murmuring of a brook.

Look For the Stars as the Sun Goes Down by foxxcub (G, gen; kitten AU)
Ryan starts to tuck up close to Brendon, muzzle pressed up against Jon's back, then he sits up suddenly and says, "Hey. Where's Spencer?"

Quit Playing Games With My Heart by miss_begonia (Ryan/Spencer, Brendon/Ryan, slight Brendon/Ryan/Spencer, NC-17)
Spencer watches Brendon’s shoulders heave and his hand curl in the bed sheets, confusion infusing his dark brown eyes. Spencer thinks about how this is the one thing he’s always hated about Ryan: that no matter what, no matter what Spencer does, Ryan will always be older, always be smarter, always be the one who gets there first. “You can watch,” Ryan murmurs.

Pyramid Love by worldofthorns (Brendon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer, GSF, NC-17)
If fault were to be placed on someone, it would've been on their friend Gabe. It was, after all, Gabe's idea. But it was Brendon who accepted.

A Walking Contradiction by siubhlach (GSF, R)
It doesn’t happen all that often.

You Write Such Pretty Words by delicatelight (Brendon/OFC, Brendon/Spencer, NC-17)
Brendon locked the door and looked at the girl he’d picked up in the hotel bar ten minutes before.

“I’m sorry,” he said, his voice sounding loud in the room, “What did you say your name was?”

Home is Not a Place by shihadchick (Jon/Spencer, AU, NC-17)
Spencer really fucking hates snow. He especially hates snow that comes out of nowhere on what had been a nice spring morning when he’d worn new sneakers and an old hoodie to work. He's going to freeze if he walks home in that. Or wreck his shoes, which he thinks is probably worse.

The Cigarette Afterwards by marksykins (Jon/Ryan, NC-17)
Jon is easy when it comes to Ryan. There's no escaping that.

My Chemical Romance

Hunter by stele3 (Frank/Gerard, PG, vampire AU)
They said the guy in Apartment 1147 was crazy. People always walked quickly past his door in the hallway; Frankie could hear their footsteps when he sat in the bathroom, sharing an illicit cigarette with the night beyond the little square window above the toilet. The steady tap-tap-tap of footsteps became tappitytappityskipskip-tap-tap-tap as they passed the apartment directly below the one where Frankie shared with his parents.

The Cab

the glory and the dream by longtime_lurker (Cash/Singer, NC-17)
Cash does bang open the door, and Alex automatically blinks to spare his poor eyeballs. Astonishingly, though, Cash is fully clothed and gesturing at...the inside of the stall wall, apparently. "Lookit!"

"What, cool graffiti?" Alex steps into the tiny stall alongside Cash, still wary. But Cash shakes his head and crouches down on his heels, pointing at something about waist-height.

"Oh, huh." Alex leans in, interested despite himself but trying to avoid contact with the gross floor. "I didn't know those actually, like. Existed."

The Things I Deserve by miserylovedme (Cash/Singer, NC-17)
Whenever they do experiments in class, Alex makes Cash hold everything and never lets him do any of the fun stuff like mix chemicals or make things fizz and explode.


i need you right now by journaltypos (Ryan/Kanye West, PG-13)
The thing is, Ryan didn't plan to start dating Kanye West, it just sort of happened

Editor's Pick

I'm Sorry I Can't Help Asking It by bluejbird (Johnson/Brendon/Spencer, NC-17)
They're excited. All of them are, even Johnson, although he's trying his hardest not to show it.

Suggestions for recs can be left over here.
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