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Monday Issue #59

Hey guys!

I have to apologize again for missing the issue two weeks ago! Kate did a wonderful job with catching up, though. *is made of massive failboats*

We also wanted to emphasize once more how amazed and thankful we are that you all stuck with us this long. HRTS is more of a family project than an ~official newsletter and we are glad you find it of use.


Panic! at the Disco

Hey Gravity! by jukeboxghost (Brendon/Spencer, PG-13)
The radio behind the counter is playing some goofy punk song.

Brendon pictures stepping forward and touching his lips to the small triangle of skin illuminated in the bright just beneath Spencer’s ear.

He’s not entirely sure where that thought came from.

“My mom,” Spencer says suddenly, turning his face towards Brendon and squinting in the sunlight, “told me that if your eyelid flutters, someone is thinking of you.”

the rhythm of your nonsense tune by stephanometra (Jon/Ryan, NC-17)
It's almost like Ryan's trying to fuse them together as one being, and that would be kind of fucked up but also pretty hot.

draw another picture by imntsaying (Jon/Spencer, PG)

“Yeah?” Spencer knows he sounds blissed out, but he can’t quite care enough to do anything about it.

“You carried a kitten. Through downtown Chicago. In a storm.”

Prickly Pear by disarm_d (Ryan/Brendon, NC-17)
Instead, Ryan drags his hand down the line of Brendon's back, searching for the hem of his t-shirt, and when he finds it, he slips his fingers underneath, sliding his hand up Brendon's back again, but this time his hand is on bare skin.

Brendon's the kind of bastard who has perfectly clear skin on his back: smooth skin, warm skin. Ryan's never kissed Brendon on the mouth, but they've been in bed shirtless together; he's touched Brendon's bare back. He's palmed Brendon's ass, but there was someone else there watching, always a crowd of people who had laughed even louder than Brendon when Ryan finally made contact.

Took the Long Way by zarah5 (Ryan/Spencer, R)
They celebrate Ryan's thirtieth birthday on a hill in Italy, vineyards melting into the sea that melts into the horizon. The low-standing sun throws a golden veil over everything, and just this once, it's only the two of them.

glory to the world by provetheworst (Brendon/Spencer, R)
Brendon rides up the coast until sunrise before turning inland. The zebra’s hooves on pavement are preternaturally loud when the only things making noise are birds and bugs, so he instead rides her across medians and through front lawns.

equals four by liketheroad (GSF, NC-17)
Despite being a year older and having never actually taken a step into a classroom, Ryan graduated with Spencer and Jon.

The Cab

Every So Often Expect Things To Get Hectic by bluejbird (Cab GSF, NC-17)
It’s Marshall’s idea, which Cash thinks should probably surprise him. But it doesn’t. At least, once Alex has explained it to him (Marshall’s idea having been put forward by Ian, of course) and Cash has stopped laughing and realised Alex is serious, he’s really not surprised that it’s Marshall’s doing.

My Chemical Romance

Day Job by ishyface (Frank/Gerard, PG-13)
When he realized one morning that he'd been working at Schechter's Foods for four years already, he felt a little baffled.

"Life sucks," he muttered on his break, slumped over his coffee in the break room. Andy looked at him from across the table, eyebrows raised.

"You really shouldn't drink coffee, you know," he said. "Stunts your growth and shit."


tear this house apart by onneonlights (Pete/Mikey, R)
Mikey first meets Pete at a party, and they’re both really, really drunk.

Longer Than The Road by skoosiepants (kidfic, PG-13)
The problem with being in a band with Pear Wentz is that Pear Wentz is a diva. A diva and a dirty rotten best friend stealer.

Better Together by zarah5 (Gabe/Ryan/William, NC-17)
“It’s been weeks,” Ryan says, and he didn’t mean it to come out like that, there’s no one but you guys, but that’s what spills out anyway.

Editor's Pick

If Music Be The Food Of Love by sunsetmog (Brendon/Spencer, R)
The thing is, Brendon is the kid no one talks to in school.

Aside from maybe passing him a pencil or lending him a piece of paper if he asks, Brendon's been in high school for almost two years and most people barely even know he exists.

nova33 held a Toppy!Brendon Meme over here.

Recs & suggestions over here. :)
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