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Monday Issue #57 & #58

Hey guys. Not entirely sure where flimsy's post got to last week; I know she's been busy with visitors, though. I'll try to make up for it today.

Oh, and to the anon commentator from last week? Sorry, but we won't be getting another mod. That's not the way we like to do things here. Sorry to disappoint, but heartsintact is not a traditional-style newsletter, it's a recs list. Sometimes things get busy for us and recs don't get posted. dotcoms_refresh does the daily newsletter thing if that's what you're interested in.

Edit: Another anon has said I was being hostile. That's not what I was aiming for. Sorry.

That aside, onto the recs. :)

Panic! at the Disco

Find My Niche by zarah5 (Jon/Spencer, Brendon/Ryan, R)
When they fight, it’s quiet.

all worn down by preromantics (gen or Jon/Spencer, PG)
spencer only feels obligated to join the work force when the scientists announce the end of the world. he leaves his tiny suburban town to work at the big hospital in the city where they treat the people having adverse effects from the falling stars.

(Float On, Anyway, Well) by sunsetmog (Brendon/Spencer, NC-17)
"This okay?" Brendon asked, a moment later, breaking off from kissing Spencer to slide his hands down Spencer's chest.

The Taste of Rock and Scald by jocondite (Jon/Brendon, NC-17)
"Clink," Jon demands, and the necks of their beer bottles make a chiming noise like a flat, tinny bell when they knock them together. It's Brendon's third beer already and he can feel the lazy warmth spreading from the pit of his stomach, winding its way pleasantly through his veins, threading through his capillaries.

you could decay by heartscientist (Ryan/Brendon/Spencer, R)
Brendon doesn't think he's dreaming when they meet Pete, when they get the record deal, when they do their first show, drop the album, none of that.

Half-Dressed and Star-Struck by simplemitosis (Jon/Brendon, Jon/Spencer, Jon/Brendon/Spencer, NC-17)
Spencer gasps at the same time Jon does, gasps at the voyeuristic attitude that’s rolling off Brendon from that one action.

If It Kills Me by foxxcub (Jon/Spencer, NC-17)
It's not that Spencer hates undercover missions. In fact, he thinks it's one of the best things about working for the Bureau; he likes getting to pretend he's someone he's not, all in the name of putting bad guys in jail.

He just hates undercover missions when they involve his stupid, obnoxious, I-smile-at-anything-with-a-pulse partner, Jon Walker. And right now, said partner is seriously pushing him toward the edge.

My Chemical Romance

Drawing a Blank by formerlydf (Frank-centric gen, PG)
"I could never do it," Gerard says firmly, not that anyone is surprised by this. "Just walk in and wait for them to stick you with needles? Weren't you fucking terrified?"

Franks just shrugs. He always tries to give vague answers when people ask him about getting tattooed, because it's not as if he has any personal experience. He's never gone to a tattoo parlor in his life.

The Cab

Looking at Stars by miserylovedme (Cash/always-a-girl!Marshall, NC-17)
He keeps it cool but he also holds her hand when they’re just laying around in the van or hotel after a show. She likes that about him.


echo, echo (i know it's a sin to kiss and swallow) by battleofhydaspe (Tom/Sean, NC-17)
Tom’s first encounter with Sean van Vleet is a little unfortunate. Because Tom? He has Sean’s friend, Ryan, hanging three feet over the floor, tied to a beam in Tom’s studio by his wrists.


a sip of wine, a sip of water by flyingtapes (Hayley Williams/Charlotte Sometimes, NC-17)
Hayley had just crawled into bed, throwing the covers over her head, when the phone rang.

West of the Mountains, South of the Sun by littlerhymes (Ryan/Pete, Brendon/Pete, unrated)
Around three in the afternoon, Ryan saddled up his horse and set off down the trail into town.

Editor's Pick

the ties that bind by longtime_lurker (Panic GSF, NC-17; kink warning)
The first time it's an impulse thing, paid for with the entirety of his first advance check from Pete - money much better spent on rent, gas, equipment, food, and yet here's Brendon, handing it over in exchange for three straight hours of acute pain all up and down his spine.

call me a sparrow and i'll fly by preromantics (Brendon/Shane, R)
beginnings are always simple, if not sometimes rash and impulsive. shane studies the boy in front of him, waiting. he wants to make him his subject, his antagonist, his protagonist, whatever. his star without all the cliché meanings attached.

Suggestions for recs can be left over here.
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